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Thrive Empowerment Center supports the safety and resilience of all people—especially women, children, and marginalized groups—and believes that significant strength and healing can be achieved when given the knowledge, tools, and space to do so. We work for a safer world free from violence, oppression, and fear.

The heart of Thrive is Empowerment Self-Defense (ESD), a unique and evidence-based approach to personal safety that acknowledges the statistical realities of everyday violence. More often than not, assault starts with small violations and then escalates, and it’s more likely to be perpetrated by someone you know. While it’s important to always be situationally aware and prepared for “the stranger in the alley,” true self-defense is multifaceted and includes recognizing the warning signs of violence, effective boundary setting, de-escalation, and learning to use your voice and posture to move through the world safely and with confidence.

Our curriculum is powerful, effective, and comprehensive because it addresses the entire continuum of safety: violence prevention, assault resistance, and healing in the aftermath of trauma. No matter what your experience or goals may be when you walk into a class, you will leave empowered.

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