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Sierra Ashburn | Relationships: Our Foundation for Growth

“Relationships have a ripple effect, and always come full circle. They are powerful and multi-dimensional; operating as both our foundation and our future. “

Sierra is a fierce loving homeschool mama of 5 kiddos. They are her reason, and her most significant motivator. A Nashville Native, and a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University. Every paid and volunteer position she has chosen over the years has been aligned with one goal in mind: To make a positive impact.

By founding Amplified Innovation, a virtual operations support and strategy company, she receives the opportunity to make that positive impact.  She has a full team ready to jump in to learn about your company, streamline your processes and help keep the wheels turning while you focus on your strengths to create a better balance and achieve a higher level of growth. Seeing a client light up when she can strategize a plan for a solution and growth is her favorite feeling.

In addition, to her kids and the company—She loves to travel and stay active. Keeping self-care and personal growth as a focus and striving to build a life with true intention. Sierra is on a mission to change the things in life she can longer accept, and help her clients and network do the same.




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