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People3 is a benefit corporation that provides diversity and inclusion training, workshops, and inclusion-centered consulting. We work with health care, government, technology, entertainment, non-profit and other industry sectors to facilitate and implement diversity and inclusion initiatives, including education and the build out of DEI strategies. People3 partners with private, non-profit, and government organizations to design and implement impactful diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies that resonate with organization members and align with their mission. Our goal is to position organizations to better serve their members, employees, customers, clients, and communities. In 2020, people3 worked with 20 unique organizations to deliver educational workshops to over 1,000 participants. Our educational workshops are centered on helping people better understand people differences–race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, socioeconomic, veteran, cultural, religious and a range of other people differences.

We like to say at people3 that we ultimately aim to help people navigate people differences.

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