Coming to you live from Cincinnati and Nashville

Warrior Women of Empowerment Self Defense

This Tribe is Burning Bright

There is an incredible Tribe of Warrior Sisters actively spreading the strength and love of Empowerment Self Defense around the planet. Last August, sisters from around the world gathered in New York to train together, share together, heal together, shine together, and heal together.

After seven days of blood, sweat, and tears, they walked away a family, ready to bring that light to every soul they can reach. Check out their programs, seek out their teachings, and share in their fire!

If you want to chip in to the cause and help spread Empowerment Self Defense to every corner of our beautiful planet, check out ESD Global. And, if you want to join in on an Empowerment Self Defense class or become an Instructor, become a part of this growing tribe and bring this light to your community, check out

In the meantime, enjoy their Spotify playlist to get your day going just right.

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