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Tisha Wilson

Tisha Wilson

Tisha Wilson is a diamond in the rough. For starters, she’s a born-and-raised Nashvillian, which some may say is a dying breed. More importantly, she contains an internal drive and unmatched passion that’s rarely seen. She was first introduced via Nashville Public Radio’s “Neighbors” podcast, when host Jakob Lewis peeled back Tisha’s many layers and uncovered a history most of us can’t imagine — how she became a high school dropout and a teen mom, how she endured homelessness with three young mouths to feed. Today, though, as Tisha wraps up her final classes to earn her Ph.D., she has redirected the pain of her past and instead uses it to fuel a much different present and future for herself, her family and those she works with every single day. Maintaining three jobs for over 6 years she has achieved her associates, bachelors and Masters from University of Phoenix. Slated to graduate with her PhD in 2019 she has also become a leader within the workout community. Presently Tisha maintains a balance of rigorous workouts that includes the body, mind and soul while impacting lives throughout the city of Nashville. 

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