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Taylor X

Taylor X is an American pop dance artist. Although she is a small town girl that grew up in eastern Kentucky and Tennessee, she has become a pop diva with her power house vocals and stellar dances moves. However, her mega skills weren't cultured overnight. Taylor grew up a gold medaling competitive gymnast and dancer which lead her to begin choreographing local dance & cheer teams and teaching at dance studios.  She also began recording vocals for her first album at age 9 and recorded her 2nd studio album at age 12. Meanwhile, she would perform in as many talent shows and competitions that she could enter, singing both pop and country genres.

At 18,she began songwriting and recorded her own demo in Los Angeles with a manager she met at a Fashion Rock competition in which she won Adult Female Vocalist  & Top 5 dance finalist. Even though a music career felt like it was her destiny she decided to go to college to study pharmacy as a back up career.  Studying became a priority and music was short listed. After graduating pharmacy school, she moved to Nashville, TN to practice pharmacy while she also personally backed her fresh faced pop music career.  It was then that she became known as "Taylor X", paving the way for her own artist brand and style of music.

Taylor combines a fierce sense of style with her heavily choreographed, dance -driven stage shows. She states her visual performing arts are as equally important to her as her audio art.  She loves to incorporate her love of gymnastics, and special flairs like k-pop influence, superhero themes, and edgy glam fashion. Her music videos play in fitness gyms all around the nation and she’s accomplished charting for her single “No Touchy” on radio.  Taylor X was honored with the acceptance of Pop/Contemporary Entertainer of the Year 2017 at the annual Josie Music Awards in Nashville, TN.   Taylor released a full LP in 2016 and has since released several singles and music videos. She is now writing and recording a new project for a major label in collaboration with Icon Music Group.  Taylor is a voting member of the Recording Academy for the GRAMMYs  and resides in Nashville, TN.

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