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Sheriff Charmaine McGuffey is a lifelong Cincinnatian and a 33-year veteran of the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office. Prior to being elected sheriff in November 2020, she held the rank of sergeant, lieutenant, captain, and major. Sheriff McGuffey took office on January 4, 2021 and is the highest ranking woman in the history of the Hamilton County, OH, Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff McGuffey has worked in nearly all facets of the Sheriff’s Office including as the Academy Commander for the Ohio Peace Officer Corrections Academy, serving as lead hostage negotiator for the Sheriff’s Special Response Team, and as Commander of the Sheriff’s Honor Guard. Sheriff McGuffey provided training for law enforcement officers throughout the State of Ohio and is an accomplished self-defense instructor.

During her tenure as major of Jail and Court Services, Sheriff McGuffey was credited with leading reforms in the jail to reduce the likelihood of people returning to jail. She was also credited with bringing the jail from the worst ranking in the State of Ohio to the top ranking.

As major, Sheriff McGuffey was named local and regional “Law Enforcement Officer of the Year” and was honored by the Ohio House of Representatives for being named the 2016 Public Citizen of the Year by the Ohio Chapter of National Association of Social Workers. She was included in the 2013 Cincinnati Enquirer’s list of “Professional Women to Watch”.

Sheriff McGuffey is a reformer and effective leader committed to move our justice system from one of hard incarceration to one that offers opportunities for rehabilitation. Sheriff McGuffey is committed to public safety and to ensuring accountability, transparency, and engagement with the community as the foundation of the work in the Sheriff’s Office.


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