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Mia Michelle

Brianna Brown, also known as “Mia Michelle,” is a 26-year-old aspiring singer whose passion is to connect with and inspire others through everything she does, especially through her music. The Detroit native received two call back audition requests for “The Voice” however a medically challenged pregnancy rendered her unable to compete during that season. Never losing sight of her dream the now mother of a loving,rambunctious 3-year-old son, Brianna will tell you, “Music has been an inspiring part of my life, ALL of my life. It has been my venue to share my happiest moments and it has lifted my spirits in my most challenging moments. There is no other vehicle that connects with people exactly where they are at every moment of their life.” Brianna feels that her family, 5 siblings with an Army mom and step-father, taught her the gifts of faith, love, humility and tenacity. Her greatest aspiration is to provide that same inspiration to everyone she comes in contact. Rather it be the melodious range of her vocals or her bright smile and cheerful personality, Brianna lives to make the everyday life of others better. Join us as she guides us through her feelings of love, life, and of course, MUSIC.

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