2 Private Meridian Stretching Sessions

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Improve athletic performance and recovery, rehab injuries, or just feel better!

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About Meridian Stretching and Muscle Resilience: Thousands of individuals worldwide have experienced the benefits of Meridian Stretching and Muscle Resilience Training system. These technologies are on the leading edge of natural healing and personal development, with the work of Bob Cooley, author of The Genius of Flexibility, at its core. Studies are conducted at The Genius of Flexibility Center in Boston, MA and at leading hospitals, clinics, and laboratories worldwide. Our growing team of research collaborators and scientific advisors includes top medical and engineering professionals at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Washington Psychiatric Society.

Our current research can quantify the ability of Meridian Stretching and Muscle Resilience Training to: increase flexibility and range of motion, cause permanent and cumulative changes in fascia, eliminate low back pain, improve athletic performance, increase vocal range, and allow participants to look and feel younger.

About Cat Fitzgerald: Cat Fitzgerald has trained numerous Gold, Silver and Bronze Olympic medalists, offering training and recovery support to his clientele leading up to and during the 2008 Beijing Olympics, 2012 Olympics, and, now, in preparation for the 2016 Games. Cat has helped numerous athletes, top executives, weekend warriors and many others find unmatched performance enhancement, reclaim a life of movement, avoid surgery, and rehabilitate post-surgery. His clientele spans Professional athletes, Gold medal winners, World Record Holders, CEOs, amateur athletes and everyday people who simply want a pain free, healthy-feeling body and an active lifestyle. Cat draws from a lifetime of extensive movement study that includes martial arts, dance, Pilates, Plyometrics, and Meridian Stretching and Muscle Resilience (RFST) to transform his clients’ performance and movement.

Meridian Stretching and Muscle Resilience
2 Private, 1-Hour Sessions Value: $500.00


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