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Katrina Robertson

Katrina Robertson

Katrina Robertson is a survivor-leader, mother, wife, and mentor to the Thistle Farms community of residents and graduates. Sexually abused by a male relative at a young age, the shame of what was inflicted upon her  lead Katrina down a dark spiral of addiction and prostitution as a teenager. From there, she was on the streets for 28 years. During that time, she became HIV positive, left her daughter to be raised by her grandmother, and stayed on the run from the darkeness of her past.

She entered Magdalene in 2005 and now has over a decade of sobriety. She is currently the National Sales Director of Thistle Farms and oversees all the retail sales and store. Katrina also brought her daughter, Ebony, into the circle as the Whole Foods account representative after the two women were reunited. A true success of the program.

Katrina celebrates her new life, becoming a homeowner in 2007 and marrying the love of her life in 2008.

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