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Girl, unKnown, Inc. | Seven Pillars of Empowerment

Mission Statement

To provide women and girls, especially in underserved communities opportunity to enhance their realities through accountability, networking and healthy social interactions by encouraging individuals to explore their social, physical and emotional development.

Here at Girl, unKnown, Inc. our goal is to make the unknowns known in igniting your passion and becoming the best version of you! Built around our Seven Pillars of Empowerment:

1. Self-Defense
2. Self-Confidence
3. Entrepreneurship
4. Mentorship
5. Life-Long Learning
6. Mindfulness
7. Health & Fitness

We encompass the whole human, building a platform for women, girls and female identifying persons, giving them the tools needed to succeed in life, that doesn’t stop at a certain age. Join us and come be You with GU!

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